Welcome to Axex

Axex is a security and risk management company that provides strategic and practical support to businesses, authorities, organizations in sophisticated intelligence and security issues.


Axex emphasizes the importance of offering a broad and deep expertise in the security and intelligence field to be able to offer the best protection for our clients' assets worth protecting.


Why Axex

Our clients handle sensitive information and valuable products which requires great demands on security and privacy. Our clients are represented by large companies, government agencies and organizations. Axex supplies security with minimal impact on customers' everyday business.


Axex focus is to;

• let the client focus on their core business by handing over security issues to Axex for a professional management and measures

• provide customized threat assessments and safety assessments and provide adequate measures to reduce the threat and prevent risks


Axex unique offer

Axex's employees have a unique experience of protective security work around intensive research industry, executives and security intelligence activities. By engaging Axex our customers can focus on their core business and reduce risk and threats from an increasingly aggressive world.


We are confident that our combined expertise and experience will meet your expectations for quality and professionalism. Our view is that Axex is the only private option in Sweden, where all employees have long experience in counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, sophisticated security intelligence activities and business intelligence.


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Axex symbol originated in ancient Middle East and depicts a creature with the head and wings of an falcon and the body of a leopard. Its meaning is a protective symbol that represents strength and vigilance.